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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I go for my scheduled tour in the hearse and where do I park?


All scheduled tours depart from and return to The Conundrum, an escape room and speakeasy lounge, at 1 Battle Square in downtown Asheville. To find The Conundrum  walk down the stairs that are just to the left of the Battery Park Apartments Entrance. Walk through the door, turn right and you are there! The password for entry is UNDERTAKER. You may purchase alcoholic beverages here if you are of legal age, but one person in the party must purchase a $1.00 membership fee in order to do so.  (Children are not permitted in a lounge after 9:00pm per Asheville law.) On the rare occasion when The Conundrum is not open, please wait on the sidewalk in front of the building.
Your host Virgil Nightshade, who is easily recognizable with his black tophat and skull-tipped cane, will find you at either of those locations.

For parking near The Conundrum, parking is available in the Wall Street parking garage.  For pickup at the LAB, parking is readily available just behind the LAB on Rankin Avenue in two public parking garages. (See map on our Tickets page.) Parking may also be found in metered spaces on the street (free after 6:00 pm) or in the metered lot directly across from the entrance to the LAB.

Q: How long are the tours?

A:  Precisely one hour, from our departure from the LAB to our return.

Q: I have a group who would love to do a tour, but we can’t go at the time listed. Do you ever offer tours other than those listed on the schedule?

A:  YES!  Please contact us by phone or email about setting up an additional tour for you!

Q: What happens if I’m late for my tour?

A:  Unfortunately we must leave on time and if you are not present at departure time and we have other guests scheduled for the same time, we must leave without you.  Since we cannot refund your payment due to tardiness, we strongly urge you to BE ON TIME!

Q: What can I expect on my tour?

A: You will visit several sites in the Asheville area with a history of ghostly appearances. While there’s no guarantee you will see a ghost at each location, we feel certain that you will have…how shall we put this…a close encounter with those who have passed on. We remind you that not only are you visiting places where ghosts have been seen, you will be riding in a haunted hearse.

Q: Is there walking involved in the tour?

A: You may have an occasion or two to get out of the hearse and stretch your legs at some of our stops, but you will not be walking. You may at times, however, be tempted to run. Please overcome this temptation. Charon gets quite irritable when he has to chase and capture our guests. It’s not a pretty sight.

Q: Are these ghost tours appropriate for ALL ages?

A:  We don’t have a minimum age requirement, but you should be aware that the tours will get rather intense at times.  If your children can handle live scary Halloween attractions, they should be fine.  If your child is easily frightened and prone to screaming and crying, it might be best to wait a year or two.  But don’t get us wrong.  We love little children.  Especially for dessert.

Q: How accessible is the hearse for anyone physically challenged?

A:  While we welcome everyone to participate in this experience, we are not able to assist those who cannot board the hearse under their own power.  If you or someone in your party wishes to manage this situation, you are welcome to do so, but we assume no liability for problems that might ensue.

Q: Do you serve food and drinks on the tour?

A: We do not serve them. We prefer that you not bring food into the hearse, but you may bring drinks if you would like.

Q: May alcohol be consumed on the tour?

A: Unopened bottles of beer or wine (not liquor) are welcome with those of legal drinking age, or you may purchase bottles (64 oz. growlers) of the wonderful beers and ales at the LAB to share. We will open them for you and provide cups, but the alcohol must be consumed while you are in the hearse. Local law prohibits you from having an open container of an alcoholic beverage on the streets of Asheville.

Q: Can I take pictures while on the tour? Where can I see pictures of people on your tours?

A: We ask that you not take videos as we don’t want to spoil the experience for others. Take all the pictures you want and please share them with us. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will post photos made from our cameras, too!

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A:  ONLY if it is dead, stuffed, and you can hold it on your lap.  Seriously, we’d love for you to be able to bring Fido or Fluffy with you, but since space in the hearse is very limited, only humans are allowed on board.

Q: Can the hearse be booked for other private events?

A: Yes. We are available for parties, proms, weddings, special delivery messages (“Over-the-hill” birthday, Halloween) etc. See our Special Events info for details.

Q: What else is fun to do in Asheville?

A:  We suggest you check out these links to experience the many opportunities available in Asheville’s nightlife, recreation, and fine dining.

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Q: My Dark Rides Tour was great! What other ghost tours or haunted attractions can you recommend in Asheville, NC?

A:  Asheville does offer a variety of experiences for those who wish to explore the paranormal realm.

If you prefer a more scientific, ghost hunting approach to your haunted event, we urge you to visit Haunted Asheville at

For those who love to laugh along with their scary stories, we recommend you check out Lazoom’s Haunted Comedy Tour at

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