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Tours and Events

Whether you are a serious ghost hunter or just seeking something fun to do while enjoying Asheville’s nightlife…

“this isn’t your run-of-the-mill ghost tour!”  – TripAdvisor

Where to Meet Our Hearse

All scheduled tours depart from and return to The Conundrum, an escape room and speakeasy lounge, at 1 Battle Square in downtown Asheville. To find The Conundrum  walk down the stairs that are just to the left of the Battery Park Apartments Entrance. Walk through the door, turn right and you are there! The password for entry is UNDERTAKER. You may purchase alcoholic beverages here if you are of legal age, but one person in the party must purchase a $1.00 membership fee in order to do so.  (Children are not permitted in a lounge after 9:00pm per Asheville law.) On the rare occasion when The Conundrum is not open, please wait on the sidewalk in front of the building.

Your host Virgil Nightshade, who is easily recognizable with his black tophat and skull-tipped cane, will find you at either of those locations.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our tours run on a tight schedule, so it is imperative that our guests not be late for our departure time.  WE CANNOT REFUND PAYMENT FOR GUESTS WHO ARRIVE LATE FOR THEIR TOUR.  Parking is sometimes a challenge in downtown Asheville, so you need to allow for plenty of time to park and get to your pickup location on time for your tour.

Do you have a party of at least four people and don’t see a time listed when you’d like to take a tour?  Contact us by phone or email about setting up an additional tour for you!

The Haunted Graveyard Tour

Investigators of the paranormal and historic ghost sites will love this tour through one of Asheville’s most haunted yet eerily beautiful graveyards.

Tours through Riverside Cemetery occur before the setting of the sun since the gates of this historic graveyard close at dusk each day. We all love a good, spooky time in a boneyard, but we wouldn’t want you to be trapped in there overnight! Or would we…?

In addition to seeing the graves of two famous writers, Thomas Wolfe and O. Henry, you will enjoy hearing your host Virgil Nightshade spin his original tales of terror inspired by the creepy crypts and terrifying tombstones of this hauntingly beautiful cemetery.

Although there is no price difference for adults and children, due to limited seating, please indicate the number of adults or children when selecting tickets for your party to help us better estimate capacity.

Spirits on the River Ghost Tour

Along the banks of the French Broad River you’ll experience some of the most haunted places Asheville has to offer.

Near the campus of the University of North Carolina at Asheville and its hauntingly beautiful botanical gardens situated near the French Broad, sad spirits of the Civil War era mingle with other ghosts whose lurid stories appeared more recently in Asheville’s local newspaper.

Perhaps you’ll also see the ghost of the mysterious woman in white who glides from the steps of the Church of the Redeemer into the river on moonlit nights or the restless spirits of past prisoners and guards who once walked the grounds of one of North Carolina’s scariest prisons.

But be forewarned!  Sometimes the subjects of these stories find a way to manifest themselves inside the hearse!

Although there is no price difference for adults and children, due to limited seating, please indicate the number of adults or children when selecting tickets for your party to help us better estimate capacity.

Impromptu Tours

Out on the town in Asheville or Black Mountain with a group of 4-6 friends and want to take a short, spooky ride in our haunted hearse?

You can enjoy your favorite beverage while basking in the ambience of our eerily glowing interior, listening to our scary music, and watching one of our freaky short features on the flatscreen TV that rests on…wait for it…an actual casket!

If we’re not busy with a tour, we’ll pick you up for a 20-minute ride for just $10 per person!

We are available MondayWednesday after 5:00pm. and sometimes on ThursdaySaturday if we don’t have a scheduled tour.  We will also post on Twitter when it’s an especially good time for an impromptu ride.

Call us to see if we’re available at 828-747-9280 or tweet us @darkridetours.


Special Events

For those who enjoy haunted houses, gothic horror, ghosts, and things-that-go-bump-in-the-night, our haunted hearse is available for hire for all manner of special events.

Want to have our haunted hearse pull up at your party? You can arrange to have a short visit where your guests can pose for pictures with the hearse, or in it if they dare, or a lengthier stay in which Charon drives your guests around the block while they are entertained with stories of local haunted places.

We will be glad to talk with you about:

• Parties
• Proms
• Weddings
• Transportation to a special event
• company celebrations
• special delivery messages

Imagine our ghoulish hosts, Charon and Virgil Nightshade delivering, to that really special someone, custom messages such as “Over-the-Hill Birthday” wishes, Happy Halloween wishes, “I-Can’t-Believe-You-Dumped-Me-and-I-Hope-You-Die” messages…Wait…that’s mean. We can’t do that. But you get the idea.

Want to book us for an entire evening for just you and your friends?  We’re available!

Your imagination is the limit – we’ll help you plan anything you can think of.

Well, almost anything.

Contact us and we will be happy to arrange something wickedly special, just for you.

If you happen to be more in the mood for a walking tour…

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