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Your Hosts

When you board our haunted hearse, Charon, your undead driver, will ferry you to some of Asheville’s most haunted places.

Along the way Virgil Nightshade will share with you the spooky history connected to those places, a uniquely frightening narrative interspersed with his own dark imaginings. But be forewarned!  You just might experience some of these terrifying characters firsthand!

We beg you to remember that on this haunted tour the ghosts are not confined to the sites we’ll be visiting.

The hearse itself is haunted!

Virgil Nightshade

Virgil Nightshade used to be an undertaker long, long ago.  His line of work naturally brought him in contact with forces of darkness.  He has lived long past one’s normal life expectancy due to his alliance with the mysterious owners of Dark Ride Tours known only as “Management.”  His knowledge of cemeteries and graves is limitless, although his memory is not always reliable.

Virgil has various objects which have magical powers that are beneficial for himself and his guests while they are on the tours.  His cane can be used to ward off aggressive spirits, and his hat, fashioned for him in the nineteenth century by perhaps the most respected and feared practitioner of voodoo, Marie Laveau, contains spells of protection from evil spirits.


Charon was the ferryman for Hades in ancient times who transported the dead across the rivers Styx and Acheron.  Family members paid the ferryman by placing coins either on the eyes of the dead or in their mouths.  The souls for those who did not pay were doomed to wander for a hundred years before being allowed to rest in peace.

Management has now employed Charon to transport living souls in the Dark Ride Tours hearse.  His temperament suits Management well as he never speaks and is unerringly faithful.  He is without mercy or compassion, yet he does not seek to do harm to innocents needlessly.  His purpose is solely to serve the needs of Management and he follows directives without question.


The star of our show is without a doubt our 1972 Cadillac hearse.   Like her namesake in Poe’s classic poem “The Raven” this hearse may haunt your memories for years to come. She has transported the bodies of countless souls to their final resting places.

However, we feel obliged to tell you that some of these spirits have chosen to linger in this fine automobile and like to appear whenever they desire. We hope you’ll enjoy their visits as much as we do!